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Because i have spent the past several weeks organising the Kitchen & Pantry and playing with the Thermomix, I have been procrastinating of late, and as the year is fast coming to an end started to think about all of the projects i have started this year and haven’t completed. Trying to gather thoughts in my head of where to start and what project to organise first. I suppose i should just start printing photos and then work on what to do, but i seem to have hit a wall even by doing that. i just feel so disorganised.

  • 30 DAYS OF ME | I have started this project, and finally received the free items from Studio Calico, but haven’t done much else. I did manage to print the questions out before running out of ink, so i need to sit down and add those to cards and then work on photos.
  • 52 WEEKS OF ART JOURNALLING | I seemed to have stalled on this as well.
  • A YEAR OF US 2 | on the last day of the month or close to it, we take a family photo, and i print it out. i hope in time to make an album of memories.
  • A WEEK IN THE LIFE | This started today, and i have taken one photo so far.
  • ALWAYS US | I gave this album to Jack in September for our 14th Anniversary of being together. i have a couple of recent photos to print out and add to it.
  • DECEMBER DAILY | Whilst not December just yet, i feel like i really should also make some steps into getting things organised, to make things easier when the time does come around.
  • FMS PHOTO A DAY | So far so good this month i have taken a photo most days, and i am all caught up.
  • ONE LITTLE WORD | I still have a few things to catch up on in regards to this. With no ink in the printer it has stalled.
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