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CRAFT: Project “Life”

Reminder to Self: Don’t take on too much!!!


  • Project Life,
  • FMS,
  • 30 Days of Me,
  • MB12WBT / Lorna Jane,
  • Operation Sort out Craft Studio / Workspace,
  • 52 Weeks of Art Journalling,
  • One Little Word,
  • Yesterday & Today

and i am sure that there is so much more..

Tonight and tomorrow i am spending a bulk of the time printing photos, i got behind because i ran out of photo paper, but i had some delivered today so that should go a big way into getting some of it done and thats not even all of the diary’s, journals and books that i also fill out.

Admittedly some of it is a once a month thing.
FMS i just take a quick photo,
Project life i use the FMS photo so i just print it.
i am currently working on 30 days of me, have been waiting for the free Studio Calico stuff to arrive.

Angels at school all day, kayla has been doing a course a few days a week, and jack working, so i had been setting those days aside to work on the projects. was doing well, until i ran out of paper. a couple of them i have left for a few months so have a major catch up to do. and have been chipping away at my sorting. i think once i am organised i can then set baskets up with each project and work from there. A week in the life is starting next month and then december daily not long after. So have been gathering things for those as well.1 min · Like

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