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Project Grateful…

So the Grateful posts are doing the rounds on Facebook, i have managed to not get nominated so i thought that I would take some time to jot down my thoughts here.

– Family is always for me top of the list. After all thats what my whole blog is based on.

– I am grateful that we live in such a wonderful place, I walked out the back door this morning to say hello to the dog, and spotted this sunrise. So pretty. & That i have the technology to just go outside and take such a photo without much problem.

– Living so close to the beach, we may not be able to get there daily, but going past it even a couple of times a week is enough to tell me that we made the right move two years ago. It brings me a sense of peace and calmness

– My Health, Not just weight-loss (or being the same as last week), but even with my flu that i currently have, it shows me that it’s a hurdle that i can overcome, and that i am healthier than what i think i am. I am also grateful that i have various equipment at my disposal so i can get my health into shape when i am not feeling the

– I have been working on a little craft project for a few weeks now, and yesterday sat down and Printed the photos out for it, it was wonderful to be able to do so from the comfort of my home.

I am grateful for so many things, most days tend to blend into one after a while. But when i look at what i have i know how lucky i am..

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