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Just lately (i.e.: last week) after a little trip to Kmart where i found the most adorable range of home decor items i have seen in a while i have become a little obsessed with it. It used to be that all of the good stuff was at out of the way Home Decor Stores… Or at Ikea.. Being in Tasmania its even harder to locate some of the stuff that the cool kids have. Not anymore though…

It started when i found these chairs in there.

i brought one identical to this at the Reject Shop, but found it too tall. So had to go looking for something that would fit at my desk, i wasn’t keep on the $50.00 price tag at TRS so when i found it in Kmart i was ecstatic, and it fits in so well with all of my white furniture. Not sure yet what i will do with the stool though as we don’t have anything bench height that i could sit it at. Since starting this post these stools are now in Shiploads and they have the smaller cafe ones.. i can somehow see a couple of them in my future.

Totally on my WANT list is the side tables and stool & How cute are these… knitted ottomons Even though i envision tripping over them i could totally have them all over the lounge.


I also brought the Bread and Biscuit set, and hopefully when i go back next week they will have the Tea & Coffee one in stock.

Our previous Kmart kettle is almost 2 years old and on its way out. I am thinking that this would be ideal to take it’s place.


On the not so practical side and adding the the fact that i have no where to put them, i am LOVING these (i notice that the shelving unit is also in white which totally had me at HELLO i so wanna take you home), and who can resist a Mason Jar full of flowers…


like i said above i have no wall space, but these i adore.

We don’t have any floor standing lamps around at all so a couple of these would be quite nice. and i can just picture a wing chair (Still on the wish list by the way) filled with cosy cushions, a throw and a side table full of books with this near it… OH BUT TO DREAM!!!!

I have one similar to this that i brought at a gift shop, and i am thinking a couple more would be really handy.


oh shoot just give me everything in the catalogue…

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