July Photo A Day

I have been going through the photos that i have taken so far this month. I am really loving the #fmsphotosaday #littlemomentsapp

  1. red + white

Love the Red/Burgundy plant against the white of the house.

  1. something beginning with k

Kayla @ Boat Harbour Beach

  1. match

Kayla & Angel. A perfect Match..

  1. stars

We had a 4th of July Hotdog party for dinner.

  1. on the table

Jack and i went to the markets to get some fresh veggies whilst the girls where still sleeping. From different angles you can see the lighthouse, and also a couple of the homes onto of #TableCape

  1. view

We took the dog for a walk along Fossil Bluff.

  1. first

Kayla is the first granddaughter on our side of the family, and also my first Niece. This was taken in Burnie.

  1. i’ve never…

He is my Person!!!

  1. alive

Angel running along the beach.

  1. sharp

11. gold

We went to Dr’s Rocks to do some Gold Panning.

  1. interior.

13. look up.


  1. old school


  1. torn


  1. listening to…
  2. sunshine

  3. admire

  4. curly

  5. moment

  6. basic

  7. i wore this!

  8. macro

  9. water

  10. home

  11. fun

  12. ten

  13. cool

  14. repeat

  15. lost

  16. rise