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Craft: Project Life Catch Up

Weeks 18-26… Yes you have read that right. I am so far behind, yet not so, if that makes any sense… I have yet to take a proper photo of the following and will add them to their own individual weeks when i have done so. But today i thought i would share a look at what i am up too.

First a bit of a catch up with the last three weeks i shared.

Week 15

I have previously shared this page,

Week 16

Another i have shared, but i hadn’t made it into a double page.

Week 17

This is where i was completely up-to-date, i seem to have fallen off the wagon and broken my mojo, because from this point on i have been really lax with updating both project life and life in general.

Week 18

I started using the collect app, and when it came time to print, i got totally confused, and really disliked the look of the pages.

Week 19

I started to print full pages again, as i have found that even though i tend to use more paper it for me gives my album a more organised look.

Week 20

I have over the months been trying to include an old photo, the one of me my sister sent through, my aunt found it amongst her photos. i adore it and it fitted so well with where i walk…

Week 21

Our 18 year old niece have moved in with us, so the tone and type of photos that i have previously taken has taken an un-expected turn for the good. I was finding that i was taking the same things over and over again. So it’s nice having her here to capture new moments and memories. I am missing two photos from this week that i need to add.

Week 22

The journalling and some ephemera need to be added.

Week 23

The journalling and some ephemera need to be added.

Week 24

The journalling and some ephemera need to be added.

Week 25

I have taken the photos, they are just needing to be printed.

Week 26

Same with this week.

Now i need to sit down Print out the photos that are missing, Add Cards and journalling to the spots that need it. Include any memorabilia and ephemera, Add stickers and any other assorted bits and pieces. Hope to be finished before the 1st of July, So i can start the month organised..

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