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Craft Room Organisation

In the Craft Room
The Furniture Edition




  1. Now I totally love my Kmart Trolleys and they have a ton of storage in them and do a fantastic job, but i was finding that i can’t stand up for long periods of time.
  2. In my never ending quest to find the perfect organisation i was thrilled to come across this desk at our local cheap shop and at $127.95 i couldn’t resist bringing one home with me. So i was after something that i could sit at that had storage in it. This more than fits the bill of what i was after, and that it’s a customised for scrapbooking is even better. Jack has in-between shifts at work been putting it together for a couple of days now.

As always i looked online to see if i could obtain more information about it and came across this neat site that had a video of it.

  1. Before the rent inspection few weeks back we moved the Expedit into the craft area, and thats made a huge difference for the albums and files, but for the smaller books it just feels a bit wrong. So i am hoping that the new desk because the shelving is a lot smaller that it will work better.
  • I still have the secretaire desk that i got around christmas time, and thats been great but again difficult to sit at as we removed the fold up desk part. I love the cubby holes and have found the idea items to put in them, but find that the actual cupboard space is awkward to fit things into, so its become a space for things that i don’t use often.

  • I also have the spinning shelf, (i have two one isn’t being used in the hallway and i am trying to work out how i could bring that in too).

  • Space with the desk in it is now at a premium. But i do have the ottoman under the window that i would like to move, and that way i could put the two trolleys under the window…

    A craft room is a never ending work in progress.

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