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On the Agenda – June

A new month has come around, as quick as the last one did. I often sit and wonder how quick life is passing us by so fast.

Seems like a busy month already with the various projects I continually have on the go. Lots of catching up and updating to be done.

Looks like a great month, with a lot of new prompts, that i don’t think we have had before

I still have a couple of days outstanding for May, but hope to have them completed as well as starting June.

Outstanding: Week 17, 19-22

I will be finishing up #100happydays this month. Day#85-#100

I have already completed this, i really enjoyed the prompt this month, and how easy it was to do.

I have printed out week 1, and need to fill that out, and then work on week 2.

House needs a major sort out, but we have a rent inspection on Friday, so i think it’s going to be a stash and dash situation..

  1. FMS: Joy, #100happydays Day #85, One Little Word June *Completed*
  2. FMS: Doing, #100happydays Day #86, Monday: Update Project Life / FMS
  3. FMS: Family, #100happydays Day #87, Yesterday & Today – Lesson 2
  4. FMS: Ordinary, #100happydays Day #88
  5. FMS: 11 O’clock, #100happydays Day #89
  6. FMS: Adventure, #100happydays Day #90, Friday: Update Project Life / FMS
  7. FMS: Pattern, #100happydays Day #91, 52 Create a Letter
  8. FMS: T is for, #100happydays Day #92
  9. FMS: We live here, #100happydays Day #93
  10. FMS: Flying, #100happydays Day #94, Yesterday & Today Lesson 3, Tuesday: Update Project Life / FMS
  11. FMS: In the Beginning, #100happydays Day #95
  12. FMS: Pastel, #100happydays Day #96
  13. FMS: Simply, #100happydays Day #97
  14. FMS: Cross, #100happydays Day #98, 52 Use non-traditional letters, Saturday: Update Project Life / FMS
  15. FMS: Lovely, #100happydays Day #99
  16. FMS: In the shadows, #100happydays Day #100
  17. FMS: Peaceful, Yesterday & Today Lesson 4
  18. FMS: Quirky, Wednesday: Update Project Life / FMS
  19. FMS: Habit
  20. FMS: Yay
  21. FMS: Here i am, 52 paint m/mat letters
  22. FMS: Growing, Sunday: Update Project Life / FMS
  23. FMS: In this moment
  24. FMS: What June looks like, Yesterday & Today Lesson 5
  25. FMS: Sunflare
  26. FMS: Dreaming, Thursday: Update Project Life / FMS
  27. FMS: Loving
  28. FMS: Bed, 52 make you’re own glitter letters
  29. FMS: Delight
  30. FMS: The End


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