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Remembering You..

Dear Dad,

It’s hard to find the words to describe the void you feel when a loved one has passed away, forever more there is a space in your heart where they are meant to be.

They say it gets easier over time and the pain goes away, but it’s days like today the third anniversary of when you where taken from us that the pain and heartache return tenfold.

My heartbreaks and the tears fall, just wishing you weren’t gone at all…

The tears have flowed several times already today, the grief lays dormant tucked deep inside most of the time, but today it has unleashed it’s furry and washed over me.

It didn’t help that Sunday was Mother’s Day and i was thinking of Mum already, being that your anniversary is just a few days apart, i have been dreading this week for weeks now, as i knew in my heart that i would find it hard to avoid the tears.

I remember little things at the most random of moments, you are never far from my thoughts, and have at times appeared to me in my dreams. Sending little messages from up above, that i have taken note of.

I miss you forever-more and will love you for eternity.

With all of my love always Nikki-Nik.

Thinking of all of those that knew and loved you, I maybe a long way-away but you are always in my heart and thoughts especially on days like today.


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