Hello Saturday!

Happy #NSD10k

Is anyone doing the 52 weeks of Art Journalling from A Beautiful Mess? I looked at it at the start of the year and thought it looked good, but then forgot about it, have come across it again, and thinking it might be a good thing to work on today.. yes as well as all of the other stuff i want to work on today :0) #52weeksofArtJournalling #is18weeksreallytoofarbehindtostart

Also want to work on May’s #OneLittleWord I have outlined my words and phrases in Pages, so know what i have planned.

Need to update #100happydays

Finish off this weeks #Projectlife2014 Still need to take photos for the past two weeks for the blog.

Managed to post do some #Blogging and get todays #blogeverydayinmay post out.

#12monthsofus Photo needs to be printed.

Hopefully this afternoon i will be #Cookingupastorm /w #Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master & #Jamie Oliver Homecooker and use some of the Fresh Fruit & Veg that we where given the other day.

Also need to spend some time #Cleaning the house and getting rid of all of the #clutter before i end up with a visit from #PeterWalsh or on an episode of #Hoarders which is where a couple of the #organisedhomechallenges, becoming minimalist and a couple of others that i have come across in the past few days come into it.