Drowning in a sea of stuff.


I feel like i am drowning in a sea of clutter and i have no life raft to save me.. There is currently stuff everywhere. The rooms that i want to start tackling first are:


  1. I managed to get Jack to move the Cupboard from one end of the hallway to the other end, so now the hallway doesn’t look so dark.
  2. Now i need to work out what pictures to display and if i want to keep them all. I have some old frames i have collected that i want to re-display.
  3. I spray painted the old side table that i picked up not long after we moved here to fit in better


The lounge and dining area are both in dire need of a good purge and revamp. Where to start is my main problem. The dinning area is going to stay where it is. But the two desks are going to be moved to where the lounge area is now. The lounge will be put in the middle where the workout gear is. Work out gear to where the office area is going. The main target areas that i want to sort before moving things are:

  1. The Books in the Expidit. I currently have what seems like a bookshops worth of Cookbooks and loose recipes.
  2. Glass ornaments and Sweets Jar Tchotchke’s. Way too many items that have no real value except they look pretty for a while and then i get board by them.
  3. Electronics.