Gathering…. an ongoing process…


So need to re-organise my scrap space.. I have baskets & boxes of stuff everywhere I look. Under table’s, on the couch, here there and everywhere, In crannies and nooks. These Baskets and Boxes’ contain Project Life odds and sods, washi tape by the truck load, stickers, pens, and assorted other odds and ends.


Task 1.. Gather all Baskets and Boxes into the one spot. (Done)!!!

Task 2.. Sort out where i want to store things…

I have a few things going on in the Life of Nicole.. I would like to be able to just go to a shelf and grab a basket out of that subject to work on..

  • Project Life & Project Family (these items are kept in wooden drawers in my desk). (SORTED)
  • One Little Word (In a SN@P binder) (i use assorted scrap products to decorate) (IN PROCESS)
  • Erin Condren Life Planner & Kikki K 2014 Family Diary (TO BE SORTED)
  • Lorna Jane Active Planner and i ordered the Move Nourish Believe 2014 Diary this morning. (TO BE SORTED with ECLP & KKFD)
  • Camera stuff. (SORTED AND IN BAG)
  • Assorted other small diaries and books. (TO BE SORTED)
  • Recipie & Health Books. (TO BE SORTED)

So what needs to be sorted out..

  • Photos… These are pretty much organised in boxes in my desk.
  • Stickers… for scrapbooking, project life, OLW, EC. (SORTED)
  • Stamps… These have been in a wooden drawer unit that i got from Ikea years ago, except i hardly use them, so thinking either put them in a jar or sort out if i want to keep them or not. (TO BE SORTED)
  • Washi Tape… I have a large jar that i throw all of these in, what started out as a small amount has turned into crazy town.. (SORTED)
  • Jewellery… (so not craft related but since i brought three Stands to store washi tape on i should really put the one i didn’t give to angel to use and use it myself). I have a favourite mix of stuff that i like to wear most days and i am either throwing it in a drawer or on the tray i keep on the couch. (SORTED)

I had a few boxes that where not working for me. so gave them to angel for her desk. I need to put another cupboard together to put some of the small books into..

So i started this post yesterday and have spent much of today in sorting / gathering (UPDATED each item above).