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Project Life: Week 4 20 Jan 2014 – 26 Jan 2014


Week 4

Week 4:

  • With Angel away at camp Jack and I where able to have a few days away on our own.
  • We went to The Gourmet Farmer’s Fat Pig Farm Picnic,
  • Stayed at the cutest little apartment near Sandy Bay.
  • Had a lovely dinner at Salamanca,
  • Went to look at Kingston Beach,
  • brought a Gazebo.
  • somehow ended up on the Port Arthur Ghost Tour,
  • Went to the Botanical Gardens to see Robin Hood,
  • Took a walk around the old Richmond Jail.
  • finally came home to real life,
  • which meant another Dr’s appointment,
  • Several days cleaning out the old shop and organising the new shop.
  • We picked Angel up from Camp,
  • put the new Gazebo up,
  • Spent a lot of time chilling out out on the deck.
  • Went to the Gutridge Gardens Australia Day Breakfast,
  • and then to Somerset for the Australia Day Lunch.
  • Back to the shop,
  • and then off to the Movies to see the Book Thief. Was a HUGE week.
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