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Finishing Up & Starting a Fresh

I have a list in my head (thought it was a better idea to get it out there to make me more accountable).. of things that i want to finish off from 2013..

  • The biggest thing on that list is my Project Life Album. I have about 15 photos to be added from December, Journalling and a big box of memorabilia to be added..
  • December Daily – My Project Life album got pushed the the way-side in December due to me concentrating solely on December Daily.
  • Q&A a Day & The Happiness project. both need a serious update, it has been so long since i sat down and concentrated on them.
  • My Life Story book, i have photos and memorabilia to add to this and journalling about the past year.
  • Photos – I have a large box of photos and things in the hallway, now that i have a suitable desk with extra storage in it, i have brought photo boxes so need to sit down and put the photos that are in that big box into the smaller boxes in some kind of order.
  • Family Diary – Kikki K – This i have used for a couple of years, i started this one in December so will continue to use it for Jack and Angels Schedules throughout the year.

2014 – Fresh Pages…

  • Whilst in Hobart a few weeks back i came across a book called Dear Mum, (from you to me a journal of a lifetime). I brought it and gave it to myself from Angel (yes i am one of those mothers)!!! It has a question on each page for me to answer, i can add photos as well.
  • Erin Condren Life Planner. This is on order and i am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. I have ordered the custom made stickers and other bits and pieces as well, this is quite an expensive order and i can’t wait until it arrives, i hope its everything that i wish it to be.
  • Here & Now 2014 Planner. I found this and a desktop planner in Hobart-= mm at a calendar shop. Its a really compact size, and oh so cute.. its just going to be kept in my bag for quick journalling notes on places that we visit throughout the year. The smaller desktop one is on my desk and i will use that for project life / fat mum slim’s photo a day.
  • One Little Word by Ali Edwards. (I’m in the process of writing a longer post on this). I have made a start to this yesterday and look forward to the process and creating of this Album over the coming year.

Have now places a small basket of some of the above items in it and will work on it through the day.. Hopefully i will achieve in finally finishing something..

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