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Saying goodbye to 2013 & Hello to 2014

One of the “Projects that we embarked on” last new years eve was a family photo on the last day of each month, i am pleased to say that we have managed (even if a day out) to take a photo. I am still to add todays New Year’s photo. but i am happy that i have 12 months of us.

On reflection… of a year almost over…

This is again doing the rounds of the internets/facebook. So i thought it was a good chance to update you all on how our’s went. I will take a new photo today.

We started this on the 1st, and over the year have added so many things to it.
When we have gone out for coffees i have picked up business cards and written the date on it,
i have sand dollars from a gift shop that we like to visit,
notes from DD12,
brochures from places that we have been too,
small rocks,
school items
Holiday memorabilia
and other odds and ends.

what i am printing out to put into my december daily

i am sure through the course of the day i will no doubt find more things to add to it..

To you my lovely friends i wish you a safe and Happy New Year.
May the coming new year bring you all of the blessings that you deserve.

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