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update on life…

J has gone back to work after a few days off, we went to Launceston yesterday, and he wants to go to Hobart tomorrow to see some of the Sydney to Hobart boats come in, The taste festival has also started today so we are looking forward to checking that out for the first time. I always enjoyed the food and wine shows in WA. Stayed in Hobart last weekend as well and then sunday in Launceston, and managed to check a few of the historic places out along the way, so have been doing a bit of a touristy thing which has been nice.

Have spent way too much on scrapbooking / crafty stuff this past month so thats going to keep me busy through January and beyond. Enjoying putting all of mine / Jack’s family photos into project life albums. i hope to have it completed before the end of 2014. Loving the process and simplicity and its helped that i previously sorted many of the pictures out. Now to get my mac organised and get some of the photos printed from that, have been printing at home but ink is costing me a fortune..

Got a second hand secretair desk from a friend of jacks last week and have taken the front pull down desk off, and have all of my craft stuff in there nice and organised. My new diary is on order (can’t wait to get it, its the Eric Condrin Life Planner). with all of the problems with Jack’s work leave and their stuff ups i will be writing everything down. in the meantime i have my kikki k family diary.

As for the house its a bit of a disaster mostly on the void area, i have to take down the 5 million trees and lights i have around, thats going to be a job and a half.. The lounge dining area and even the hallway is going to look so empty without it all. scored some great new things in k-mart, target and even something i had looked at previously in myer (a little light up tv)… best thing i found was the christmas organiser boxes in big w (we don’t have one here, so loved i was able to find some).

had better get back to finishing off my december daily album, and last two weeks of project life for this year. was waiting on ink, now it looks like i am running out of paper agh it never ends does it LOL..

Hope that you all had an amazing christmas, i haven’t had a chance to read through all of the messages..

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