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Project Life..

Part of the Heritage album

So looking forward to all of the new project life stuff coming out next year, which has been shared on Becky Higgins blog today.

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I can’t tell you how wonderful this system has been for me. I gave up scrapbooking a couple of years ago as my heart just wasn’t in it anymore, but have continued to take photos. Being able to just print and pop these photos into an album has been wonderful. I have in the past few months managed to accumulate many new scrapbooking items, mostly for project life and i have almost completed a full years album, which i am so excited about.

Part of the Heritage album

What is just as exciting is the fact that the family photos that i have had sitting in various boxes waiting for me to do something with, i have started adding to a heritage album for both Mum and Dad’s side of the Family and also Jack’s… And it has been such a fast process. I really wish i had started this when Project Life first came out. Because i have started these Project Life albums, i have also been able to sort, and clear out all of my old 12 x 12 layouts and start putting them into proper albums. This i have found takes up a lot less room that trying to store everything in various places.

Santa has been shopping and has added several new core kits and accessories to his Santa Sack for me which i am thrilled about.. Which will enable me to create a few more albums over the coming years..


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