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Getting organised for Christmas, The week ahead and a Menu Plan…


After much debate and moving things around in order to put the christmas into the House of Beltane, we managed to get one tree up, it is still decoration-less.

I had previously brought and decorated what is now to be known as the Home is where the Heart is Tree. Over the past year that we have lived here in Tasmania, I have been collecting heart & bird ornaments and hanging decorations, putting them on a hook at the front door, i thought that they would look lovely on a wooden tree.

At the end of last year Jack packed all of the decorations into the boxes, This is something that I normally do. When i do it all of the baubles are in one box, the family keepsake decorations in another box, ornaments in another (you get the general idea)… Well in Jack’s world this isn’t the case, it’s a chuck everything into any box and put it in the shed until next year… I am now going to get the decoration boxes from Kmart, Target or Spotlight to make sure that it’s all sorted this year…


We have had our 6ft green tree for years, we actually got four of them at an Auction for 5.00 each, and it’s done us well, but it is starting to look a little worse for wear. So Jack has suggested getting a new one. About 4 years ago, we got the white tree, which is my favourite it


Yesterday’s first December Market day kicked things off with a bang, and it looks like things are not going to slow down for the coming month with Jack working, the various market days, Angel has assorted school events on also.

What else is on the agenda…
* Decorate for christmas. * December Daily. *FMS Photo a Day * Xmas Advent *Meal Planning *Happy Hour * Workout (Yeah Right)!!!



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