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Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write
by Erica
For this week’s creative writing challenge, tell us about what health means to you. Have you struggled with an illness, physical or emotional? Ee’d be honored to hear your story — what got you through that time? How it has changed your perspective? Are you a fitness fanatic? Let us know about how you got interested in athleticism and the ways it affects your life. Are you more of a couch potato, but find zen in knitting, crafting, or painting? Let us know what brings you happiness and balance, through physical effort or mental calm.

Yesterday i embarked on round three of Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation. Last week i shared my commitment to the programme and to myself and family with you.

Back story of why i am doing MB12WBT:

I was born around 6 week’s early and with a heart murmur. 2pound’s13 (my parents had already lost a son before having me), so it was touch and go for a while with me being so small. The heart murmur was corrected at 8months old. Most of my life i have been the shortest in the crowd. At 137.5 (don’t forget the ½) cm’s. Just before i turned 21 i had a fall and my back was sore so i had it looked at and found out that i had Scheuermann’s disease. Which is an hereditary back problem that i got from my dad. (i say that was his 21st gift to me). all of these years later, a pregnancy, and years of not doing any physical exercise have taken their toll on my body. My dad died of a heart attack and had his first one at 40. Mum passed of Lung cancer. I am now very obese, and losing both of my parents was a huge wake up call. Whilst i had been trying unsuccessfully for years to try and get the weight down, i would lose a couple of kilo’s and gain them back again. Nature’s gift of not taking care of yourself.

Fast 40 Forward.

Turning 40 was another reason why i had to get my act together, As i said dad had his 1st heart attack at 4o, and passed away at 57. Mum was 61 when we lost her. I want to be around longer than that.

Moving to Tasmania at the end of last year also meant that we have been given a new chance / lease of life. Places to explore, things to see. Being so unfit when i went on both of our cruses was testament that i needed to make changes. I want to be happy and healthy for Jack and Angel. So the three of us can make the most of what we have here. Taking walk’s has expanded our view and enhanced it, we have been able to make memories that we wouldn’t have previously made if i kept sitting on the couch all day.

Whilst i still have bad day’s with back pain (Today being one of them because of the cold weather), i also know that i have lost weight doing this program, and i did feel happier, healthier, and i was a lot more organised. I want to be able to go into my older years and maintain that.

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