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Letter to my daughter: On unconditional love

Letters to my daughters: On unconditional love

original by Debra Dane click on above link…

I know as you get older you think that we don’t love you, But both Dad and I think the world of you, YOU are OUR world. I can’t say that life is always going to be easy, as it isn’t. But we will try and make things as pleasant and as happy as we possibly can for you. You don’t need the latest gadget or things that every other kid has, and not having a sibling you are very lucky as you don’t have to share anything that you get. We are so proud of you, and we are happy that you are finally coming into your own, and making friends, and settling in at school. So in closing just be who you are, live a happy life, and always know that we love you. xxx

& Dad
June 2013


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