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Love Letter to Me.

yinyangmother.comhas a letter of love (template) to your-self see link for the template. Via Deb from HomeLifeSimplified.

Dear Nicole,

I love you because you are kind & loving to those around you, You think of others wellbeing and you worry about how they are doing even if you don’t know them all that well.

I love your Funny smile, and even though you are not happy with your weight, you are trying to improve yourself. You’re eyes still sparkle and you go all shy when looking at you’re looking at you’re husband. Don’t ever lose that.

I love that you are like Sunshine on pastel roses, The waves lapping at the sea. You Sparkle (and not in a twilight / vampire kind of way)…

Of all the things that are loveable about you, my favourites are that you are Considerate (most of the time), That you cane achieve more than you think that you can, That if you want it bad enough eventually it will happen.

Others love you for the things that you come out with that are funny even when you are not trying to be. For thinking of them in the good and bad times.

I love you even when….. You are not nice, when you take things/people for granted, when you are upset/angry.

When all else fails and things are said and done, don’t forget that the most important person in you’re life is always going to back you up. YOU…

So just Be…

Love Me…


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