Mothering from A-Z

Advice from my Mum

I am a regular reader of Rachel Marie Martin’s Finding joy & loved the post she has done on A picture of a Mother A-Z and her post on Mothering A-Z has inspired me to write something of my own.

For me Mothering would have to be one of the most rewarding yet stressful jobs on the planet. This is my take on it.


They are going to happen no matter how much we want to wrap our young up in cotton wool and bubble wrap. I have many “Mummies” of all different ages on my Facebook, and there are hospital visits because of a fall / accident all of the time. Some of them i think wish they had a Bubble wrap factory nearby. Regardless though thing’s are going to happen, some things and situations are beyond our control no matter how much we want to protect them.


Cute Adorable and then they become a toddler… And a new stage starts… Being a parent is a series of never ending stages. Each of them have their own “battles to fight”…


There is nothing better than a cuddle from a child. They love you unconditionally. They don’t care if the house isn’t clean, or you’re hair isn’t done, they love you no matter what.


Somedays i am positive that my 11 year old is auditioning for the latest soap opera with some of the stuff she come’s up with. She could get an academy award for it.


& She has a lot of it is Exhausting, There are day’s where i can’t keep up with her. (see also Zzzz)


To be a friend with you’re child as well as a parent. As she get’s older yes i do see that she & i could be friends, but i also see that She has to see me and Jack as parent’s also. Last weekend Jack went out so she and I took ourselves off to the local market and then off to a cafe for breakfast, i can’t recall a time before that that we have done that.

Goals & Grace’s:

Set goals for yourself to achieve with you’re kids, it doesn’t need to be a huge thing just simple little things like read with them, spend time doing something that you both enjoy (we often craft together). Grace: Whilst not a really religious house here (we are Wiccan/Pagan). A couple of times a year she goes to a christian camp, and she has also gone on various outings with another church group. we feel that she should be exposed to other religions to discover for herself whats right for her.

Happy Hour / Housework & homework:

Daily argument’s about doing the dishes and keeping her room clean are tiring, and as she age’s will continue to happen.

To help with this we have set up on a Saturday morning Happy Hour, where she clean away all of her stuff that she has used over the previous week and puts it away her reward for this is time on the Mac.

Homework is an ongoing battle that i expect will get worse as high school years arrive, again part of this is computer time, and we allow her time on the Mac to study, but often find her on game sites.

I ❤ You Mum…

She has just now written me a letter and stuck it in the “Memories Jar” with I ❤ you Mum on it… it’s the little things. ❤


My Co’Parent & Partner in crime, without him i would be bald (and yes thats happening) or in an insane asylum… He keeps me grounded on the day’s where my tantrums are worse than hers. 🙂


I am a “keeper” first tooth, Hair Curl, I guess i kept more when i was a scrapbooker than i do now. But she also keeps a lot of it in a box i got for her.


There is nothing as great as a Mother’s ❤ for her child/ren…

Mum | Memories/Moments:

Being a Mum is a gift that you have for a lifetime, one that you get to open each day. Because each day you’re child will do something that will amaze, astound and inspire you to be a better mother & person. Each day you will make new memories and moment’s that you will store in you’re heart & mind. Open these little ❤ gifts on the hard days.


I am a note taker/listmaker. my to do list is a mile long, and i always a million things going on in my head at any one time.

Only child:

Angel is for Jack & I our Only Child, Jack has a 17 Year Old Son & 16 Year Old Daughter who live interstate with their mother and her family. So she has grown up mostly on her own. She has learnt to become her own best friend.


We have had many priceless moment’s with Angel and i wouldn’t change that for the world…


or what is commonly known around our house as Angelisim’s… She comes out with the funniest things, like last night when she called me the “Cushion Fairy”.


A never ending battle around here is her keeping her room clean, she says that she will, and then the next minute it’s like trying to get through to the forbidding jungle in a story book.

Regrets: Yes i have a lot of them, the biggest not giving her another sibling, for making rash decisions that years later can’t be changed, so we make the most of what we have, and hope that she turns out to be a responsible, respectable teenager, adult, mother, wife.


Yes there are stressful moment’s (in a day i wouldn’t be able to count the amount), but then she will go and do something that i least expect like making me a cup of tea, and the stress melts away.

Teenage years:

I am dreading these year’s, she is only 11 at the moment, and the tween thing is bad enough.


My Daughter is Unique in Name & Nature. She is her own person, and as she gets older will become a women that knows what she wants. I am proud of her, she may not think so now,


(go to Facebook/Blog/Twitter). This is where mothers all over the world go to these day’s to vent about their young. My news feed is FULL of mother’s who have no other place to turn, who need guidance from those that have been their done that.


Where is the ????? is a question i ask often (See also WHY!!!)


Please eXplain to me why you don’t want to eat you’re dinner / do you’re homework / clean you’re room / do the dishes / hang out you’re school clothes.


A question i often ask.. why have you eaten everything in the house BUT… then apples… WHY have you????


What every mother hopes will happen when they tell their child to go to sleep at 7pm…. by 9.30 when said child is still awake, and mother is brow-beaten and ready to go loco on said child she falls into bed herself…. to prepare herself for the next day when she has to do it all over again…