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time march’s on


Dear Dad,

It has been two years since you left us, and not a day goes by where i don’t think of you. I find it so hard to write this especially since it was only day’s ago that i wrote a letter for Mum for mother’s day. The two day’s are so close together.


Time marches on. Day’s become weeks, then months, then all of a sudden another year is upon us. The date rolls around ever so quick. And you are always missed. Time marches on, But memories last a lifetime.


There is a discussion on one of the groups i am on about parents and which one are you closest too. It was no secret that i was always closer to Mum, But losing you both in such a short amount of time, i cant differentiate who i miss more, as i miss you both equally as much, and i find it so unfair that you are both gone from my life.


Just went looking through my photos and apart from ones when i was a baby there is a real lack of photos of you and i with me as an adult. I find that really sad. 

Today as always my thought’s will be thinking of you, of Dee, Mel, Daniel and everyone else who has a piece of you in their hearts. As i know that they will be missing you as much as i do. They say time eases the pain, but i know i will still shed tears like when Mum called me to tell me that you had gone, like i did the day that we laid you to rest, Like i have done various time alone in the dark and quite of my life here near your place of Birth.

I loved you then, i love you now, i love you still, i will love and miss you until the end of time.

Nicky Nic xxxx

was just editing this post, and a pop up came up on my phone with the quote

“Nothing can replace you in my heart”.

Thanks dad, i got that 🙂 ❤



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