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12.5 Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Mum & I 1973 – Angel & I 2001

Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

by michelle w.

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.

Photographers, share a photo that says mothering.

Dear Mum,
It is our second Mother’s Day without you. Not a day goes by where i don’t miss you, and where i don’t want to pick up the phone to call you.
To tell you what exciting things that we are doing here in Tasmania, I know how much you loved the place.
We all miss you so very very much, and our lives are all missing that piece that hold’s us all together.
I talk to Melissa regularly and daniel once a month or so. They miss you as much as i do. As do all of the kids,Jack, Bj & Rachel..
Life has taken it’s twist’s & turn’s in the time that you have been gone. We have struggled through all of the grief and emotions that one goes through when losing a loved one. We have each in our own way’s dealt with it differently, yet we have stuck together as one, and when one hurts we all hurt . We wish more than anything that you where here with us.

Happy mother’s day to you all xxx Mum wasn’t just a mum to us she was a sister and friend to so many, But really she mothered most people she met, she loved to take care of everyone, and that i feel is the most precious gift that she has left. When people think of her, they think of her fondly and i know you all miss her as much as we do. Much love to all. xxx

Happy Mothers Day Mum.
Love Ya.



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