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Finally feeling at home

Finally feeling at home
Original post by Debra Dane @homelifesimplified

What feels like home to you?

I have lived in Various states of Australia in my life.

This house i lived in when i was a baby, and again as a teenager. I can recall every inch of it. of course when i lived there, there was a huge tree in the front yard.

Born in Victoria and moving to WA, then back and forth over the years, Finally setting in WA from 1989 to 2012.

℗arents home

I just wrote in my previous about Jack and I meeting online. That was at the end of May 2000. Before that i was living at home, and before that on my own, sitting here now in 2013 that feels like over a hundred years ago, yet it’s only been 13 of them.

When i met Jack he was in the Airforce, and he was posted to Adelaide, Because i was pregnant i didn’t want to leave WA, and Jack being the saint that he is had the base Chaplin and my mother write letters to say that it would be best for us not to move. I often wonder what it would have been like if we had of. So we stayed in WA and lived in an Airforce house near the Base.

We ended up having Angel, then buying a house and land package the very next day. We planned and planned and planned and thought that it would be our forever and always home. Ended up spending a couple of years there, and only ended up selling because we found a small church for sale in Victoria that we fell in LOVE with, of course that never happened…

And we ended up buying a house closer to the rest of the family and a block of land in the country. It was a five year plan, that lasted a little over 2 years.

Ended up moving to the town where the block was and owner building what we thought would be our ever after home (AGAIN!!!). But things change and Jack lost his fly in fly out (FIFO) job and we fell lock stock and barrel and hard.

It took almost a year for him to get another job, and it was over 200kms from where our house was, and after 6 months of him going back and forth we decided that our family was more important so we moved to where he was, and kept our house, and rented another near where he worked.

3 years later and after the passing of both of my parents we where sitting watching TV about FIFO workers around Australia and he says to me, wonder what Train jobs are our there. So he gets online and finds a few, one of which was in Tasmania. a few days later he applies. Almost 3 months to the day we where on a plane ready for a brand new life on a little Island at the bottom of Australia that we had only spent around 10-12 hours in total in, It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year since that day we saw that TV show. Living where we do has really changed all of our lives for the better.

Home’s as you can see come in all shapes and sizes, they hold dreams, desires, memories, and the best and worst moments of our lives. We grow in them, our children go from babes in arm’s to young adults.

It has taken me a while, but i am happy here, (though it doesn’t stop me from looking at for that one day maybe place). Or the long held dream of the “Dream House”. This sort of home has been on our lotto dream list since around 2005. I wish now that we built it instead of the big blue barn.



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