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It’s Friday, May 10 – How did your day go?

The Eclipse this Morning.

Dear Friday, You roll around like a storm in a tea cup. It’s 4:09pm on Friday afternoon and i am sitting in the car at Boat Harbour Beach waiting for a hot chocolate to be made at the Surf Cafe, contemplating do i want to go for another walk or not. So many post’s to do so little time and all that jazz.

Breakfast at our face cafe.

On my I HAVE TO HAVE LIST!!! so me, and how close can you get to this years making the most of every moment motto than this.

Like this..

The things you see come down our street.

The past few weeks have been full on with the business that blogging has had to be put on the way-side, housework is on an even lower rung of the ladder.

I have talked before about saturdays being our cleaning day, well it’s going to take a lot longer than that to get things back to how i like them. All rooms need a clean up. The filing is overflowing, and The washing is resembling more of a mountain than an actual mountain.


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