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May Day. Wednesday May 1.


So many plans for the day.

Due to the unprofessionalism of a company we have been dealing with {who then proceeded to phone us and told me i was an idiot. Nice way to do business sir, thank you but we have chosen not to deal with your company again}. Another order came in this morning so that needs to be dealt with.

I now need to sort out how the day is going to pan out. my final for Round 1 weigh in (down to 76.8kgs) and measurements need to be done (a lost of 28.5%) forMichelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I signed up for Round 2 last night so started filling in my pre-start stuff. I need to do a much needed walk to clear my head of all of this Business mumbo jumbo.

Have been thinking about a trip to the Burnie Regional Museum, as Angel hasn’t really done much this school holidays. Also would like to go to the movies too, i still want to see OZ.

Then there is all of the blogging that i need to catch up on, which is getting a little overwhelming when trying to do so many other things. There just doesn’t feel like there is enough time in the day.


Anyhoo it is BELTANE / SAMHAIN today and i am not going to let anyone upset me. We shall @10:40am On May 1st 2013 start the day over and go forward from here.

Thoughts are being sent to Candy and family today, I hope that everything goes well, and will keep you in my thoughts.

Also Happy Wedding Anniversary to John  and his wife Shelley. I wish you every happiness and may you always have the best of the good things in life.

Jack and I have sorted out a couple of Issues that we have had to deal with this past week, lets hope that they both have now been resolved. One being the phone issue has been sorted out.

Edited to add: 

Such a lovely afternoon out. I have so many photos to add that you may need to go and get yourself a cup of something warm, a comfortable seat and cake or biscuits. 🙂

Lunch at a little place called Another Mother, it is adorable and then some, with doiley bunting strung up, and all of the tables and chairs different, and like you are sitting in an old stately home. Don’t think i got a photo but even the holder for the salt/peper/sugar/menu was a little old drawer. So many lovely little touches, that made you feel like home. It has the Bruce’s vibe about it, and apart from the fact that i had to wait for my meal it was the most divine little place. I had the Sweet Potato Fritatta & Quinoa Salad and oh-my lord it was outstanding and i didn’t leave a drop left on the plate. Also ended up having two coffee’s but they where so nice. Will be visiting again sometime soon.

2013-05-01 12.38.08 2013-05-01 12.41.31 2013-05-01 12.43.02 2013-05-01 12.43.05 2013-05-01 12.43.48 2013-05-01 12.43.49 2013-05-01 12.43.50 2013-05-01 12.44.11 2013-05-01 12.45.40 2013-05-01 12.45.58 2013-05-01 13.01.18 2013-05-01 13.14.54 2013-05-01 13.14.56 2013-05-01 13.15.08 2013-05-01 13.15.37

Then walked to the museum in Burnie to look at the Early Burnie exhibition & the Photography Exhibition, i brought the most delightful polka dot bag for my phones and camera there.

2013-05-01 13.16.21 2013-05-01 13.25.50-1 2013-05-01 13.25.50-2 2013-05-01 13.25.50-3 2013-05-01 13.26.02 2013-05-01 13.26.04 2013-05-01 13.26.17 2013-05-01 13.26.35 2013-05-01 13.26.40 2013-05-01 13.26.43 2013-05-01 13.26.51 2013-05-01 13.26.59 2013-05-01 13.27.07 2013-05-01 13.27.16 2013-05-01 13.27.20 2013-05-01 13.27.29 2013-05-01 13.27.35 2013-05-01 13.27.38 2013-05-01 13.27.45 2013-05-01 13.27.52 2013-05-01 13.28.02 2013-05-01 13.28.09 2013-05-01 13.28.14 2013-05-01 13.28.19 2013-05-01 13.28.39 2013-05-01 13.28.48 2013-05-01 13.28.55 2013-05-01 13.29.04 2013-05-01 13.29.13 2013-05-01 13.29.23 2013-05-01 13.29.37 2013-05-01 13.29.54 2013-05-01 13.30.14 2013-05-01 13.30.17 2013-05-01 13.30.18 2013-05-01 13.30.32 2013-05-01 13.31.23 2013-05-01 13.31.26 2013-05-01 13.31.43 2013-05-01 13.32.01 2013-05-01 13.32.12 2013-05-01 13.32.23 2013-05-01 13.32.46 2013-05-01 13.32.55 2013-05-01 13.33.26 2013-05-01 13.33.34 2013-05-01 13.33.46 2013-05-01 13.34.04 2013-05-01 13.34.17 2013-05-01 13.34.28 2013-05-01 13.34.41 2013-05-01 13.34.51 2013-05-01 13.34.59 2013-05-01 13.35.102013-05-01 13.35.42 2013-05-01 13.35.50 2013-05-01 13.35.52 2013-05-01 13.36.01 2013-05-01 13.36.14 2013-05-01 13.36.26 2013-05-01 13.36.36 2013-05-01 13.36.48 2013-05-01 13.36.51 2013-05-01 13.37.38 2013-05-01 13.42.59

Then took a little walk back to the car with some stops. Brought A little black purse from a little gift shop, and a Cardi from Rivers which will be great as we are going walking on the weekend.

A cushion may or may not have worked its way into the shopping trip from one of my favourite stores with a little sign about cats that i just couldn’t resist.

So all in all a very pleasant afternoon. Also the order that we where having all of the problems with has been rectified and the customer is more than happy with the way we have handled things, so thats a win win for the business.

I have just filled my little polka dot bag with my daily essential’s and i must say i am very happy with it, the handle could be longer but the bag fits my camera, phones, and glasses in it, i have another little bag that i got from BragBags

and i have just ordered another one from BragBag’s {I got the Blue wren, as my mum loved them, and it will remind me of her when i look at it}


Petite 2 in 1

Tired of carrying heavy bags? Want something that carries just the essentials. Prefer a wallet? But need a shoulder bag as well? This super practical little bag doubles as a cross body shoulder bag, and because of the detachable straps, will also be a great little wallet. This bag is brilliant for travelling. Use it as a wallet inside your bag, and then pop a strap on it and use as a secret little bag. Put your passport right down inside and fold over the bag, and it will be safe and sound.  Here is what you can put inside: 4 card sized pockets under the flap for ID and credit cards | passport is secretly hidden right down inside the main zip compartment | coins and money go into the main zip compartment | Iphone (in case) goes into the back pocket | keys hang on the extra ring | strap detaches if you want to use it as a travel wallet inside of a bag

Just hopped out of a gloriously warm bath, and about to have dinner. Spag bol, nice comfort food. And Wentworth starts tonight so will be watching that.
In regards to the business this and the person this morning i am NOT going to let this person ruin my day. Idiot or not i am a much better person than he is….

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