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Letters to my daughter: On risk

Letters to my daughter: On risk


Over the past few years i have watched you grow into such a self assured confident young girl. I know you think that you are invincible and that as time goes on you are going to feel that you can take on the world and then some. Today as i watched you walk ahead of Dad & I, I saw a girl who thinks much older than her years. You walk ahead in life and think that no harm can come to you, I watch you catch your bus of a morning to school and my heart jumps out each time i can’t see you. When we had the incident with the police last year and someone talking to you that was the scariest time for me, you where unaware of the incident and when questioned on it you shrugged it off. I know in the past that you have had more freedom with walking to school, but we lived in a much smaller town back then, and you where a little closer. You asked to take the dog for a walk earlier and then got annoyed at me for saying No. I have your best interests at heart at all times, why because i am your Mother and it is my job to keep you safe and protected. I hope that as you get older you will understand when i say NO you can’t do things on you’re own, and that you won’t hate me for trying to keep you safe.


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