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It’s about the journey as much as the outcome.


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I posted the following picture and then not long recieved this message on my Facebook “”Umm I would think, “dont tell me cause I dont give a flying F**k”””

My response to that is this post!

I have been on the Michelle Bridges Programme just going on 9 weeks now, and it has changed my life in many ways. I am getting fitter, i am feeling better. I am more organised. I used to live on coffee and nurophen +. Now I walk instead.

Some people won’t get the path i am walking on, and they probably don’t care. That’s fine, Each to their own and all that jazz. I am not walking the path for you, them or anyone else. I am walking it for me and my health and wellbeing.

My dad had a heart attack on his 40th Birthday, Mum had multiple heart issues and lost her life to cancer and she never ever smoked. It’s up to me to change the way’s of the past.

If i have encouraged and inspired one person in the past 8 weeks, then i have done something, but most of all “I” have stepped out of my comfort zone, gotten off the couch and done something for myself, something that no other person on the planet can do for me, and to me thats the most important part of walking the path and staying on this journey that i am on.

The outcome to all of this is a happier, healthier Nicole. The journey is i am becoming the me that i never knew existed.

I get to take photos, i get to be surrounded by nature, i have the company of my husband who walks with me. there are so many positives to it, and i have said it before, i was stuck on the couch and more often than not refused to leave the house, or even go outside, i was in a very dark place and time in my life, and its only in the pst 8 weeks that things have turned around for me.

I have many people in my life that never thought i could get up and walk at all, let alone as much as i have been. I now find myself doing little exercises throughout the day. There is at the end of the day and the end of my life only going to be one me, i have to extend that life as long as i possibly can. If i have to get up and walk well then thats what i choose to do. I cant make anyone else get up and do it, but i can walk beside you on you’re journey and be there for you and encourage you to do you’re best, and be the person that you never knew existed.


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