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New post Listmania Ten: A to Z of Now

Week ten prompt: “A to Z of now”

Check out this post at Awesomely Awake (inspired by A Design so Vast) and see how Shawn created her list. Basically, similar to our previous lists “Currently I am” and “ A Day in the life” it gives you an opportunity to capture life right now. This is as open ended as they come with the only guide being the alphabet – be creative, talk about whatever you want from what is on in your life to favourites to feelings to plans to …. anything and everything. With the changing of the season as a quarter of the year is almost gone it is nice to stop and pause and capture “now”.

ALMOST 40: Next Tuesday i turn 40, (This post is due next monday so to those reading it i turn 40 tomorrow 26th March) a week later Jack does. It’s a strange feeling turning a Zero number (Last year i was only just coming to terms that my Mum had passed away exactly 4 weeks before my 39th Birthday, and Dad in May 2011 (my 38th birthday they where both still alive)). So turning 40 seems extra hard, and now we are living in Tasmania away from all of the family harder still.

BE: My one little word for the year. This is the photo i took to inspire me.

CUSHIONS: Seriously can you ever have enough.

DRAMA: So glad that i am now away from the people that caused all of the drama in my life.

EXERCISE: You will read several of my letters featuring me getting fit and healthy, This has been such an amazing transformation in my life, that i can’t not share how happy that its made / making me.

FIT / FEET {Wii Fit / Shoes} : Two of my new BFF’s, i spend so much time on my feet walking and using the wii fit these days that i don’t have enough time to keep up with all the goings on on Facebook and my blogs.

GRATEFUL: For this happier new life that i am now leading. Moving to Tasmania was the best decision that we could have made for the three of us. Its almost been 7 months, and i have to say that as each month passes i know that we have done the right things, for our family, health and lifestyle.

HAPPY: Again many of my letters you will read about how happy i am. I don’t recall ever going into a new birth year being this settled.

IMPORTANT: I took this on 11th March, as we were going off on another walk.

JACK: The love of my life, the one person that gets me. He puts up with so much of my crap that i dish out, my mood swings, my irrational carry on’s and yet he still loves me and i thank him so much for being the man that he is.

KM’S: Doing a 6km bridge to brigade walk, Since then i have done two days of 5kms or more. Before starting MB12 WBT i couldn’t get off the couch.

LOVING: Life at the moment. I can’t recall i a time i have ever been this happy, healthy and an organised.

MICHELLE BRIDGES 12 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION: This programme has taught me that what i thought was healthy wasn’t doing me any good at all, that living a healthy lifestyle didn’t mean that i had to live on Lettuce leaves. It’s about a eating healthier. It’s about drinking water, it’s about getting enough sleep. Things that i wasn’t doing before.

NEW ME: We are only in March and already i can feel that this year is going to be an amazing one, one that will see a new Me emerge. Lighter, fitter and walking with a confidence that i have never had before.

ORGANISED: I have always been a list maker, a diary writer, a jotter downer. Since being on MB12WBT i have extended that into other area’s, I have been a flylady girl for years and never really paid much attention, i would end up deleting the emails and my house was still in disarray, whilst still not show home style, it is company ready and way more organised and harmonious than it used to be.

PAINTING: I painted our dining table white, when i look at it now i smile, it needed it. I have several other pieces that i still want to paint white, it just gives the house such a fresh and happier look.

QUIET: As i write this, the news is on, but the house is relatively quiet. Angel is doing homework in her room, Jack is off at work, and The dog and two cats are outside. So i am in the lounge watching the world outside go by.

RUN: Eventually i will add this to my daily life, i have gotten unto a small jog.

SIBLINGS: I so miss my brother and sister, but feel that being so far away has brought us even closer.

TECHNOLOGY: I would be lost without my Apple Gadgets, watch, other items that keep me on track and in touch with those so far away.

UP: A few weeks ago i was getting up at 6am each morning, i need to do it again. STARTING TOMORROW!!!

VACATION/Holiday: Something that i hope that we get to go on soon, now that i am getting fitter i am itching to go on another cruise.

WALKING AND WEIGHTLOSS: Walking is helping me to lose the weight that i have been carrying around with me for years, its time to Leave that weight behind me and workout / walk into a new life and a better and healthier me.

XXX: Love & Hugs to My husband, daughter and family. XXX

YOUNG: Over the past few months i have referred to turning 40 as “Standing at the tip of 40 hill” i am the closest that i am ever going to be to TURNING 40 and the Youngest that i am ever going to be right NOW!!! But i know as i go into my 40’s i am going into it HAPPY, HEALTHY and with a whole new outlook on life.

ZEN: On both the Wii Fit and Wii U Shapes is a Zen game, love them both. Still have yet to create a Garden Of Zen here like i had at the last house, but i guess in time it will come, but if i am off walking all of the time, i won’t be home to use it :).



  1. What a super list. I am intrigued by the 12 week transformation. I think it might be a good thing for me. Yay you for getting off the couch and out enjoying life in your new spot. Happy birthday for tomorrow!


    • Oh i cant recommend this programme highly enough, it has been the only things thats ever worked for me. since 16th march i have walked 38kms. Considering i only started MB12WBT in Feb, it really has got me moving. Loving it. and thank you for the birthday wishes.


  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow (it’s my daughter’s 4th birthday today). It sounds like you are in a really good place at the moment! That’s so awesome!


  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Congrats on the Michelle Bridges excercise program…it takes a lot of courage and determination to see that through. It looks like 40 is the year for you!


    • Thanks Lisa, MB12 is fantastic, i am so glad i listened to friends and joined it. Hubby and i go walking together, talk/chat and laugh so the benefits to it are multiple and wonderful. On a weekend we go for a family walk which is fun.


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