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Letters to my daughters: honoring your needs

Letters to my daughters: honoring your needs

by Debra Dane

Welcome to another month of the series “Letters to my daughters”. To see what it is about and read the first letter check out number one: “Authentically you”.

I write a lot about self care on this site and even co-lead a month long ecourse on the subject. To say that self care and self compassion are important to me would be an understatement.

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. -Sonya Friedman

Dear Angel,

Mama used to tell us to look after ourselves.

Things like use good moisturiser, wash your face after wearing make up.

Take care of your feet, wear good shoes.

Look after your hair. Brush your teeth.

Some of these things i have already started talking to you about, other things i haven’t, but they will come in time.

You have a lot of little things that you will learn in the next couple of years that will stay with you for your lifetime, and that if you have a daughter you will pass onto her.

When it comes to friendships, i know that you find it hard to make friends, and i wish it wasn’t so hard for you. Please treat people how you would like to be treated. Be kind to people, Show compassion when they need it. Be a friend that you would like for yourself.

I hope that these little notes to you will over time help you.

Love always Mum.


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