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Daily Prompt: Flangiprop!

Daily Prompt: Flangiprop!

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.


Is a 2013 Peep (Person). They are confident and know what they want to do with their lives. They have whizzed through January with great aplomb and all of their New Years Goals achieved and then some.

Good Day to you Dear Flangiprop’s,

Did you survive January? Did you achieve those goals that you set out for yourself? Have you given up smoking? Lost weight? Travelled to far off lands? Is that what life is all about? Should we be doing everything we can to achieve those goals or should we be enjoying our days and not be putting so much pressure on ourselves. Is it about the goal or is it about making us feel better. Is the goal good for our future wellbeing or just to make us look more important, or so we have a great Facebook / twitter status. Are we too confident or not enough.

I achieved a few things i set goals for.

I completed January FMS Photo-A-Day.
Set a group up to share the photos and have 77 Members on it, over half of which are not on my friends list.
Lost 6 people from my fiends list and added 2 or three new ones.
Lost 4kgs and gained 2 back..
I taught Angel how to cook Scrambled Eggs on her own, and now she has also learnt how to cook Cake’s & Muffins.

Go ye forth and live life to the fullest (Sweets | Bones – Bones on the Blue Line) Flangiprop’s…


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