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First three pages of Project Life Digital

I have tried in past years to do project life digital without fail, heres hoping that i do better with it this year. It won’t be so much about the journalling as i am using Instagram photos which i have already written on.

Still have a LONG ways to go. 🙂



  1. Thanks to “Focusing on life” I stumbled upon your blog! I have been posting a daily photo since Jan 2010. There are difficult days where I could easily throw in the towel, but they are soon forgotten. The first year we posted our daily photos to our facebook pages, but the following year I decided to move my posts to a blog and I have never looked back! Of the original challenge, I am the only one still actively posting a photo daily – Year 4!
    My posts are of what ever I find to photograph – I do not have the time to follow a photo prompt or a weekly theme, identify the subject or write extensively about it.
    A year is only 365 days long – ! literally take it day-by-day and the further along I get, the more determined I am to see it through.
    Be inspired Nicole!


    • My motto this year is The little moments are what matters. I started photo a day initially on Shuttercal as it was an easy way to keep them in the one place in November 2009. In that time we have moved twice (the latest being interstate). Both of my parents passed away (within 9 months of each other), which only strengthened my wanting to make each moment count. This blog is only a new one so i can have the photos in one spot, but i have been blogging for many years. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


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