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Daily Prompt: The Early Years – December 31.

My First Family

Daily Prompt: The Early Years

Write page three of your autobiography.

Page 3.

After being born with a heart condition and then at age 8 months having a major operation i was fully recovered by 1977 and i welcomed into my life a little sister. She was just like a little doll, who at that time i thought i could play with and i think at one stage i may have even dropped her. Opps. thankfully 30+ years later she has forgiven me and we are really close. Life’s kind of funny in that way isn’t it. I miss days with my “First Family” so much. And now both Mum and Dad are gone and there is only my Brother and Sister photos like the one above are so very precious. Even if i am dressed like a Tool!!!! Thankfully my sense of fashion has improved over the years. This photo would be the very early 80”s so i guess the clothing can be forgiven because looking at photos from back then we all where fashion tragic’s.

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