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New post Daily Prompt: It’s Alive! 25/12

Daily Prompt: It’s Alive!

Write a Q&A-style interview with an inanimate object.

photo copy 2

Hello Carte Postale Travel Diary

You are looking oh so pretty.

Q: You are A christmas gift from Jack.

A: Yes i am, he got me from a shop in our little town called Chillie. There is a matching Notebook too.

Q: So you have some very pretty pages in you don’t you

A: Why yes i do Nicole.

Q: What will you be used for?

A: I am a travel diary and i will have some of the places that Nicole, Jack & Angel have traveled to written in me, possibly with a photo or two, and any memorabilia.

Q: You have a lot of Paris pictures which Nicole LOVES.

A: yes, and also polka dots, lace, old letters, stamps, babushkas, birds, and so much more.

Thank You Carte Postale for taking time out of your travels to spend some time with us today.

A: No Thank You Nicole for letting me come into your life by way of a christmas gift. i am sure that we will over the years be spending a lot of time getting to know each other.



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