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Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

11 December 2012

Mostly country and little rock

Like most people i have a soundtrack of my life, songs that i can hear and hear over and over again that take me back to the day’s when life was all Lollypops and Hulahoops. Through to teenage angst and later into adulthood, marriage, a baby, Love and loss. Music is always there.

Mum used to tell a story of the night before i was born, Her and dad where at his bosses home having dinner, and they had music playing and i was jumping around in mums belly, Dad’s boss George i think his name was called me the “Stereo Kid”, and now standing at the top of almost 40 hill, i have to agree with him. Music and The way to play it are my passions. I have to have the latest of gadgets to get my fix, You tube is one of the top sites on my macbook, as is iTunes the most visited app. Most days i just sit and listen to CMC or Max. In-fact i am sitting here watching the (yes i am a couple of days in writing behind). I don’t recall a lot of the music from back in the day, i know i had a Mary Poppins record that was originally my aunties. it would have been early 77 i recall having the Womble’s record. As i got older around 9-10 it was all Madonna (my bird was named after her) & Cindy Lauper (The family dog was named Cindy, and our samoyed was Capt after Capt Lou Albano the wrestler/cindy’s manager he went onto be Super Mario). There was the Michael Jackson Phase too. I don’t know how it happened but i was about 14 and living back in Melbourne with my Grandmother and Jimmy Barnes was at the top of his game with Working Class Man, it was then that he was to become the Love of my life (Until i met the actual love of my life, coincidently who is also JB)… As a teenager it was jimmy, Icehouse, INXS. Living on my own from 19, and Still got a long way to go…. was the song back then that really hit home for me, from age 21 until 39 i have listed to it on my birthday, Somehow my tastes changed a little as i got older, with the introduction of Reba Mcintire Thanks to Galaxy (Foxtel of the Olden days). Now its mostly Country and a little Rock.

So onto the play list…

As found on Facebook

Lemon Drops | Springsteen | Letter to me | Still got a long way to go | Busy Being Fabulous | I knew i loved you | Go Getem Girl | Angel in my room | Angel | This | Barefoot Blue Jean Night | Emotional Girl | Family Feud | When i get where i’m going | Accidentally Kelly Street | Different World | This is country Music | Don’t forget to remember me | What a beautiful day | Stronger | Live like you where dying | Love Letters In The Sand | Deep Water | Looking forward looking back | Stuck like glue | Thats what you call a friend |



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