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There was a man named Jack!!!

One of the ladies just posted a story in regards to Apple Maps.

Now i have used maps and they worked ok for me, but Google used to be the same way back when too, i recall trying to get to ikea, and the google map said that the major perth highway that we where driving on didn’t exist.

But the same can be said for husbands that follow the GPS. Ours is called Ebony (Named after the Hardly Normal chick that sold it to Jack, the first one was called Karen (named after the GPS lady)) any who Jack ignores the fact that when said GPS runs out and they keep going that there isn’t a way out especially when one is driving through an abandoned coal mine… (that was yesterdays adventure!!!) Didn’t help that said wife had a panic attack either, as he left angel and i in the car and wandered off. also not helped that when he did come back he drove further on and we almost got bogged in a huge puddle. And siri or maps wouldn’t have helped because we where not in phone range…oh Dear Reader you have no idea how bad he is with directions… and it’s not the first time.. i have no idea why he has a GPS at all he ignores the things and goes his own way… So in the event that we are able to use Apple maps it would probably get us their better than what he would.

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