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December 7:





Outdoor Lights




List three things that you are greatful about each other

  • Nicole. Jack – Amazing husband, he loves me for me, the way his eyes light up when he smiles. | Angel – although a chatterbox and a half she is Polite, Thoughtful, her smile.
  • Jack. Nicole – | Angel –
  • Angel. Nicole – Caring, Loving, Nice | Jack – Caring, Beautiful, Friendly


Write this quote on your page – ‘Do All Things With Love’. Remember it throughout the festive season.


Jack’s still on way to early for me to even be awake shifts, so when i am awake he is asleep and vice versa. Crafting hopefully to happen at some stage.


Goodbye Daniel.

9 years ago today a young boy was taken, today is his funeral, his parents who have dedicated their lives to first finding him, then his remains and now dedicating their life to preventing the same fate happening to other children are finally laying their son to rest. Australia mourns the loss with them by wearing red in honour of Daniel.

Police officer loses life on job:

Australia is also mourning the loss of a police officer who’s life was taken yesterday whilst on the job. Thoughts go out to his family.


Jack cooked a roast…


Use today and the weekend to cross at least 5 tasks off your to-do list.

My to do list is ever growing these days so to cross 5 things off would be a miracle. Here is 5 in no particular order.

  1. Clean house for rent inspection next week: It feels like we just had one, but it was at the beginning of October, so need to re-arange and clean things.
  2. Continue to organise for christmas: This feels like a never ending exercise, i keep coming up with new ideas.
  3. Research camera: Found out this morning that i have a christmas bonus coming through next week and its the amount i need to buy the camera i have been looking at for the past couple of months. Since i use a camera pretty much on a daily basis i need one thats pretty reliable. Looking at the EOS M | EOS650D | EOS60D as we have a Canon EOS400D already i would like to be able to use the lenses on that for a new one. any one have any of the three that i have listed. what are your pro’s and cons to the one you have. I spent much of the day researching this and i am more confused than i was in the first place.
  4. Bake cookies: I brought a cookie tree kit a few days ago, and want to make one.
  5. Sort out diary, q&a /happiness books: i am a fair few days behind so need to catch up.


If you frequently give yourself permission to doodle, wander, and be totally unproductive, nicole, and you actually relish such interludes, I can guarantee that your genius, creativity, and productivity will increase exponentially. I’ve seen it happen a billion times. Operative words, nicole, were “frequently,” “permission,” and “relish”; does not work with “stingily,” “regret,” and “guilt.”
Through the roof,
The Universe


Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn

Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.

(Shared on Storylane) This is a post for my WordPress blog, the prompt {Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post}. I have written over 600 words, and i think its one of the best posts i have ever written and can not bear to remove any of it, so thought that i would share it here.

Photography and why i love taking photos.

I am all about capturing memories BIG or small. Taking delight in the little things around me, and the big occasions that are etched in the subconscious that come back to me from time to time and bring a smile. The simple smile of a child at play to the wedding of a loved one surrounded by all who mean something to me, they all bring with it some kind of memory.

Then there is the everyday stuff, you know the food on the table, the pretty pastel of flowers in little glasses that adorn the table, the candle flickering in the slight breeze. The soft sand glistening against the emerald color water of the ocean.

I spend a lot of time taking photos of shapes of clouds, the animals the faces and all that i see, my husband thinks i am mad. And then there is the moon in all of its fullness. The 50 shades of grey that the little bumps and bruises and craters create.

Christmas is a special time to capture that magic that we are surrounded by. The twinkling lights on the tree, the glitter on the baubles that make light shadows on the wall behind it. Little crystals that shimmer when the lights hit them.

All around us are potential photo opportunities. Travel whether it be close to home or to far away lands. The sights and scenes of history that becomes but a flicker of a memory until you look at the photos again and it takes you back to that time.

I spend a majority of my days either taking photos, sorting them, or thinking about them in some way. Be it researching a new camera, or for many years creating scrapbooking albums to preserve memories for my daughter. I have sat for many many hours scanning the memories of my Grandparents, my parents, my husbands family many who i have never met but feel like in some way i have gotten to know because of the faces in the photos. I can put a face to the name when jack is recalling his memories of his family.

I have filled a large wooden box full of those old happy snaps, negatives slides and hand written notes of days gone by. Photos are my life in a way. It makes me feel closer to those no longer with us, it helps to recall and remember the good times and bad.

Over the years many a camera has sat in these hands of mine, Film, polaroid, digital, Point & shoot, DSLR. All have captured something that triggers something for me.

For me personally it has been when my husband Jack and I eloped, oh how i wish in ways we could travel back in time and have a professional photographer there to capture what a dear friend caught. I have one photo of that day, its sits by our bed, reminds me of who we where and how far we have come.

The birth of our daughter, so small and delicate, i a first (and only) time mother never wanting to hold a new baby after holding my young nephew when he was in hospital (later passing away).

The homes from ground up to shinny and new appliances and gadgets that have made the everyday stuff a little easier. I use my iPhone much of the time now as it is so easy to capture things that are in front of me.

Walking behind my husband and daughter, me snapping away, he so tall and confident and her holding his hand and over the years seeing her grow into an almost teenager.

I delight in all of it. I recall snippets from those times often. Play it over in my head like a movie and smile and reflect with a smile.

All because i held a camera in my hands.

What i am lusting after – A Canon EOS M. How delightful does this look.


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