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December 4:

FMS: Black & White


CY365: Photograph A Bokeh Christmas Tree lights | out of focus | artsy. I dont recall ever putting my camera onto the manual mode in the whole


ADVENT TREE: Add a decoration to the tree


KIKKI K: Draw a snowflake in your journal today. Frosted and magical.

THE HAPPENINGS IN MY WORLD: Took a drive | Jacks off detecting | Angels driving me batty | He cooked a chocolate cake i made the icing | Tuesday Night TV….

WHATS ON THE TABLE: Curry Chicken Pasta with lettuce.

THE UNIVERSE: Just because learning never ends, nicole, doesn’t mean there are any such things as “mistakes.” Because no matter how things appear, you live in a world where everything that happens makes everyone more, forever and ever. You haven’t made any mistakes, nicole, nor will you. Don’t worry. Be happy. Laugh often. Win/win/win/win/win…
The Universe

WORDPRESS: Daily Prompt: Hindsight Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

Below is my very first post on Blogger.

hi from me Posted on February 16, 2005hello out there in blog land. i am Nic. i am 31, Married to my best friend & soulmate DH. we have 1 daughter DD. (ms.3)… 1 dog Holly, and three cats – Mitzy, Lucy Lu & Ikea (iki). i love to Scrapbook, chat on e-mail.

Fast forward to today December 4th 2012 and i am on WordPress.

How basic and bland was that post, i guess in someways my style hasn’t changed but in a lot of ways it has. That was my one and only post for 2005…

I am now 39 (on the very tip of the hill to 40), still married to my best friend and soulmate Jack.  Our daughter Angel is now 11 going on 30.  We have a dog Zoe, and two less than year old kittens Shelby & Henry.  I no longer scrapbook, and emails are now around to under 100 a day.

So much has changed in that time.  Way back then we where living in WA in a suburb called Kelmscott, i was still working.  Now we live in Tasmania, and i haven’t worked since 2006, Jack has held several jobs.  Since then we have moved several times, and built a house.  Pets and hobbies have come and gone.

New babies have been added to the leaves of our family tree (None from us), Some major important to me leaves have also fallen off the family tree with the passing of My Grandmother, Several Aunts, Father & Mother.

So a lot of adjustments have been made and tears shed.  A lot more blogging has gone on than way back in 2005 thats for sure.  I pretty much blog most days now.  It has become my little space in the world to say what i want to say.  My place to vent, to share and  go back to from time to time to remember.


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