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December 2:


FMS: 2. Peace – Looks like it maybe a fairly warm day today. Jack and Angel are still sound asleep. Well they where when i started this post. Yum a “hugmug” of Cinnamon coffee to start the day…


Photograph a Christmas Treat

candy canes | hot chocolate | gingerbread


This little bag was full of lollies until last night when jack and i ate the whole lot.. Opps…..


Kikki K: Write a letter to Santa today. Pop it in your journal (or you could post it!).

I think i will try over the next few days to work backwards and add some of these prompts into my book.

The happenings in my world:

  • A day of watching catch up Tv again.
  • Husband back to work after over a week off.
  • Lots of coffee consumed.

Whats on the table: Corned Silverside cooked in Ginger Beer with oranges and Pomegranate.

Part of this recipe came from My Stepdads sister Pat,

Corned Silverside, Bottle of Ginger Beer or ale (We use Bunderberg Ginger Beer) – Cook in the slow cooker until cooked. Serve with Oranges or marmalade. Can be served with vegetables.

In the mood for: Baking

120 Biscuits for Less than $5! 

Make 120 yummy biscuits for just less than $5! This fantastic basic recipe is terrific value, makes loads and has lots of room for variations:

500g butter or margarine | 1 tin condensed milk | 1 cup sugar | 5 cups self-raising flour

Cream sugar and butter. Add condensed milk and flour. Roll into teaspoon sized balls and press down with a fork. Place on greased trays and bake in moderate oven (approx 180 degrees C) until golden brown (approximately 10-15 minutes). *Stayathomehome site

I used to bake all of the time,

*hugmug was a gift from a friend a few years ago, i use them in winter and at christmas for cinnamon coffees.

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