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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Prove it!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Prove it!


I struggle most days to come up with something to write. To let my emotions flow onto the page. I am struggling now to write this post. It has been sitting in my inbox waiting for me to write something intelligent, witty even. To make my feelings felt and heard.

To write about Family, Photos, Food & Craft on a daily basis when you are not near family, When your photos are not inspiring you, when the love that you once had for cooking has vanished and the idea of crafting something just isnt happening.

So why do i even bother to write then. Because, i want to leave some kind of legacy that i was here. that what i had to say meant something. anything… To leave my FAMILY the PHOTOS, RECIPES & CRAFTS that i love to share. Looks like i still have a long way to go to achieve that goal. Even after over 3000+ posts.


I could write all day about how it feels to grieve and the frustrations that i feel in regards to others have handled their grief. I was on a Grief group / page on Facebook, and although helpful i found as time went on i was soaking up their grief as well as mine and felt that it wasn’t healthy for me to do that.

I have since moving felt that i can more freely express how i feel about things. I have shared my life here on this little blog of mine, the love i have for my husband and daughter, the happy and sad times with family, the grief at losing both of my parents. Our travels, be it to far off lands or closer to home, moving from one side of Australia to the other. The new things that we have discovered in our new home town and surrounding it.

I blog about the music i like, about the books i read, the movies / TV shows that i watch. Hopes dreams, goals, life wishes. Special events in our life, birthdays, weddings, births and everything in-between. even when i struggle to come up with something i try and at least post a photo to share with you all.


I want to take you Dear Reader on a Journey with me, to discover and see things how and when i see them, through the lens of my camera’s & phone. To hear the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks, The sunsetting across the ocean, the beautiful blooms that i frequently find in those travels.


Way back when i was a young wippersnapper finding my way in the world, i wanted to be a chef, over time even the thought of whipping up a gourmet meal scares me, so its now mostly the basics and tried and true carried on down the line family stuff that gets served up in this quirky yet vintage little house not too far from the sea.

From the weekly menus that i share to the things i find online, i hope that someone out there finds some inspiration.


Just like food, craft for a long time was a passion, i scrapbooked most days and spent a lot of money collating and making albums for my family, but after some very negative comments via various platforms i stopped the craft altogether. I found other things to occupy my time, like painting things white, collecting old / vintage linens and doilies, but found once others caught onto the same crafts it lost its appeal for me. I really need to find something new. I am hoping that the Wreck this series which i know others have already done will bring some of the creative back.


I don’t do it to get likes, i don’t do it to get comments, or a record number of followers. i don’t do it for the recognition, the money (as i don’t receive any), i don’t have giveaways, or sponsored posts or ads. I blog about things that i have brought because i like the product, and in many cases i have found that there isn’t a lot of information about the product that i like. Too often i am seeing blogs that i have loved to read over time become more like a newspaper advertisement for products. I am not out to become one of the popular bloggers, thats never been my intention or goal. all i want to do is blog for me, so i can remember and recall things.

I do spend money on my blogs, I buy themes, i have paid for someone else to make headers and buttons for me. I used before moving over to WordPress both Typepad & Squarespace both blog hosting companies to share my little online space with you.


I spend way too much time on social networking sites. In some cases i have vented my frustration mostly at being on Facebook on here. I apologise for that.

Yes the daily posts especially all in one go can be annoying when you are getting them on a news feed be it on Facebook / twitter / via RSS, and i do apologise, some days i just am either busy or not inspired enough to write a post. I know i should leave it and not go back and fill the post in, but since my One little Word this year was Write, i like to keep as uptodate with that as i can, So again i apologise if i post too much, or for others not enough.

Oh my, i am almost there, who would have thought.

I may not write about current events but will at times reference major life / world happenings. I do not often talk religion or politics as both seem to cause way to much angst for those that follow certain religions / political candidates.

at the end of the day this blog is about Life.



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