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The story of you | Daily Prompt.. Dear Nicole,

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

Dear Nicole,

If I could write a letter to me And send it back in time to myself at 13/14 *

Your a Teenager, you think life is so tough, GUESS WHAT you have so much more to experience.. and you will make it through everything that life throws at you.

You will keep going to school, you may not finish but you at least will try to do your best.

You will move a lot, and lose the friends you have, but you will eventually make new ones.

You will work, but it will be in meaningless positions for many years.. you will get through it.

You will meet people who at the time that they are in your life will become your world. but they wont be..

Eventually someone will come along and change your world beyond anything you ever expected. he will open your eyes to love, to new adventures, marriage and even a child.

Make sure you tell loved ones how much they mean to you.

Love Nicole.

p.s enjoy life…

*Letter to me – Brad Paisley.

First published via The story of you.

via The story of you: Dear Nicole,.


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