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Sacred Journey Through Journaling: Sacred Journey Through Journaling: Day One

I did this 2 week challenge a few months ago, and seen that they where doing it again, so i thought why not.

Journaling Prompt:

How have your feelings for yourself evolved throughout the years?
I tend to be very negative towards myself, and i have to learn to take a more positive spin on things.

What are the things that you most love about yourself?
Hmm now thats a difficult one. My eyes as they are the window to the soul. My heart as i do so dearly loves those that i am closest too.

How can you improve your relationship with yourself?
Stop being so hard on myself, when things go wrong.

Yesterday a friend on facebook asked this question.

“Ever feel like you’re just invisible to some people?”

here is my response to that –

“I am slowly learning that the only people that matter are the ones that live in the same house as you, the rest can look after themselves… so tired of hitting my head against a brick wall, and to be honest it’s the people that i have respected my whole life that have turned out to be the ones that have disappointed me the most. Best thing we have ever done was move away. no having to put the needs of others before our own, and going and doing the things that we want to do when we want to do them. Miss some of the people but others not so much.. You will know when the right time is, it will fall into place for you like it has us. i had to lose a lot to get to this point. We are happier here. moving all happened so quickly for us too. 6 months ago it wasn’t even an option.”

Today reading that through i know that yes we made the right decision by moving. I have come to accept that its now time for me and my little family to live for us and not for or through other people. They have their lives and they will live them and have experiences as we will.


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