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The Plan: Update


Well still no news on what is going on with “TP”… Quite frustrating I must say.

The de-cluttering has all but ceased, due to both of us having the dreaded lurggy we have been too tired to do anything. Still a couple of things to be picked up, and hopefully after that we know what we still need to get rid of, and what we are going to keep. Mind you several new things have worked there way into the house this week.

We sadly gave our Dog away this week, She has gone to a small family like ours, who recently lost a dog. She has only been gone a few days, and we all miss her dearly.

The house hunting is proving to be another frustration, i.e.: we can’t find anything suitable, that are willing to take pets. Hence why we had to give the dog away. I have found some nice ones, but they all say the same thing NO PETS, or PETS OK ON APPLICATION, you email the agent and they say, oh we just put an application in for someone else and the owner came back to us and said no pets. So really why even say it if they are going to say NO anyway. Grrr.. So the search for something continues.

In the meantime we WAIT….


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