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It’s Sunday, Jun 17 – How did your day go?

@ The Editors Desk.

I can’t get how right this is right now “Aries – Your possessions may be driving you crazy in some weird way, so see if you can just clear your house — or garage, or closet or even just that one junk drawer. Life is easier afterward!”

Spent the day at home sorting out the games room. Sold several Things. If we are moving it all got to go 😦 sad fact of life really. but i have taken a few photos to remember it.

Like this. it is a great piece. but its just been sitting out the back, being used as a cat bed. I have a small bench seat that i am is heartbreaking, and i can hear mums voice saying to me, nicole i want that.. LOL.

“Spent the afternoon in the games room still sorting a huge pile of rubbish done. suitcases that have been full of paperwork and magazines for over 12 years has been sorted through, boxes os scrapbooking stuff sorted through,

Sold 5 garden beds, the day bed, composter today so pretty pleased with our efforts, once all the stuff in the games room is sorted all the furniture that we want to sell will go in there for selling.

“jacks just informed me that we are about 150 short of the air fairs to get to tasmania, and we still have plenty more to get rid of. so in two days we have done so well.””it is so cleansing, and refreshing to have gotten rid of this stuff.”

“Still a lot to do in both houses but to have gotten so much done in three days between the two and selling as much as we have is just so good.””Angel is happy found the case for my netbook as I’m going to sell it, and she can now put her netbook in it, so she thinks she is really important now LOL””so hard to give somethings up, but yes i am looking forward to going shopping for new stuff. i made this year my new stuff year too 🙂 . Tassie doesn’t have an ikea though 😦 so unfortunately i will need to go to melbourne for it :)”

emptied the last two suitcases. most of it from 1997-2000 since its now 2012 it was well and truly time to go.”

Until next issue, Nicole

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FMS: 17. In your bag – What’s in your bag? Share it.

cy365: 17. A love for –

From the Pen

* Kikki K Journalling Prompt: JOURNALING PROMPT #165 Do you believe that experience is the most important part of living? What 3 experiences do you wish to have in the next 12 months?

Yes its very important.

  1. Move to Tasmania and explore new things
  2. Go to the Melbourne Cup
  3. Enjoy life as much as i can.

* Q&A: 17. The best hour of today was____ why?

Most of it, we sorted more stuff out sold stuff too

* Quote of the day:

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