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Thankful Thursday

@ The Editors Desk.

We went out for breakfast this morning and couldn’t get over how quiet it was in town and most of all the always full coffee shop, figured it out this afternoon, that it was the school assembly this morning.. Opps..

Dear Jack,
Thank you for my sweet birdies that you brought for me today. A bit of a little birdie collection of a glass jar, a wooden birdie and a metal one and also a little tree. Asked angel to cut the tags off of them and she cut the string off that hangs them up so i have just threaded new twine threw them, the bird had a metal spring on it so have taken that off and hung it in the bird cage thats very similar in style to it. Makes me want to get the other little one that was down there now to put at the bottom of the cage

Dear readers,
What do you think of the new page, i had better keep this one for a while, Jacks getting a tad cranky at the fact that i have spent so much money on themes :)…

Until next issue, Nicole

Click click snap snap

FMS: 14. Time – Take a photo of time; a clock, a watch, before and after – anything that symbolises time!

cy365: A Flag

From the Pen

Kikki K Journalling Prompt: #163 Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. Pablo Picasso. Respond to this quote.

Q&A: Did you excersise today? I walked around the local shops a couple of times, to the letter box.

Quote of the day:

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