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Don’t dream it – be it.

Don’t dream it – be it.
Ach! We’ve got to get out of this trap
Before this decadence saps our will
I’ve got to be strong and try to hang on
Or my mind may well snap
Und my life will be lived for the thrills…

Lyrics from Don’t dream it – be it – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For some reason these lyrics Don’t Dream it – be it, have been echoing in my head all morning, I have no idea why or why they have come to me today. My thoughts drift to what our new life would be like on a sunday morning if the “Plan” happens. Of walking around markets, buying fresh produce, a cup of coffee at a beachside cafe, watching the sunshine across the water, and enjoying the moment. Of savouring that one minute in time and tucking it away for the dark days, to remember it and rejoice in it.

I turn around at where i am now, and Mother Nature is putting on a show of wind and rain. The sky is dark and The tree’s are swaying, the bright pinkish red of the bougainvillea shine brightly against the dark of the green tree in front of it, the white fence with droplets of rain sparkling, and the black tar of the road behind it. Although my air conditioner is on heat setting me and telling me it’s a balmy 29c.

The beautiful Coralie From Rainbow Farm Photography / Sunlit oracle card readings

asked for people to submit a question for her new project

“a set of sunlit oracle cards .. I chosen 60 images that I believe are right for the set and I have been working on the meanings/descriptions for each card …”

I asked “Have had both parents pass in the past 12 months I believe it’s time for a new beginning. Jack went for a job interview in Tasmania a few days ago. Will this new beginning happen for us. All three of us want it.”

Photograph is copyright to Rainbow Farm Photography / Sunlit oracle card readings

The cards came back as

“this card came up for you too with your question. You have a big heart and even in sorrow it shines through you will be moving on as soon as you let yourself shine :)”

And thats exactly what i need to start doing, to shine, and Don’t dream it – be it.

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