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Happy Days in May Project

Over the month of may i participated in the


this is my entries from each day


  1. Just had the most delightful peppermint tea, went down a treat and sitting watching Packed to the rafters.
  2. Telling someone that everything is going to be ok, and that we are there for them when they need and are ready to talk, that they are not going through what they are going through alone.
  3. Happy… Happy… joy… joy!!! Jack brought me white paint, so some redecorating is in order on the Blanket Box i got a while ago and also on the fantastic coffee cart that he picked up for me from the local buy and sell Facebook page.
  4. Just enjoyed a quiet day on my own.
  5. baked up a storm today – 12 vanilla cupcakes (need to be iced), 12 chocolate cupcakes (need to be iced), 12 fruit scones, 12 apple and cinnamon muffins, 12 chocolate muffins, 9 plain muffins
  6. a refreshing cup of Mint/ginger tea was a highlight.
  7. Happy that the things i ordered from eBay finally arrived and that we found a bed for Angel.
  8. Struggled today with emotions and soreness, but a highlight would be managing to walk for 20 minutes.
  9. a same old same old day here, but have felt happier within myself today than i have the past few days even if it is on little sleep.
  10. Spent the day out with jack, was a chance for us to just chill and spend some time together.
  11. Sitting having a cup of Cinnamon and orange tea.
  12. a day out is helpful for the mind and soul, it helps to regroup and gather thoughts.
  13. Happy mothers Day, to you. a lovely day spent with jack and angel.
  14. Sat and worked on my blog again this morning, Looking forward to getting a new theme.
  15. Angel was telling us that her teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she left school, Angel said to her a Model, the teacher asked her did she have a backup plan…
  16. Had an ok day today, a quiet one still. setting up the new blog design.
  17. I took the most beautiful sunset photos.
  18. Some time out with Jack which is always nice.
  19. A nice family day out.
  20. Was quiet an amusing time painting with angel, she enjoyed it.
  21. Went to the Library with Jack & Angel. Got a couple of cookbooks out.
  22. A mostly quiet one spent at home
  23. Had an ok day today.
  24. i got to sleep in, for someone that doesn’t sleep much i must have needed it.
  25. Well all was going along ok, i have been sitting watching the last four American Idol episodes thats taken up much of my day.
  26. Spent the day with Jack & Angel. Ikea | Typo | The Beach.
  27. Nil post!!!
  28. Nil post!!!
  29. another day at home, but Jack did pick up a couple of things that i brought off of the local buy and sell page for me.
  30. Received a pendant in the mail, for jack and i, a pentagram surrounded by the tree of life, very symbolic since its 12 years today that we exchanged our first emails to each other.
  31. The final day of Happy days in May. Have enjoyed doing this challenge. Looking forward to a new one soon.

So judging from the above it was an ok month, i de-stressed by going out and drinking tea.


    • I am really enjoying the Tetley Teas. Mint and ginger being a new favourite. Instead of the crazy amount of coffee i have been drinking i have been slowly replacing it with tea.


  1. Love this collection of happiness. So many wonderful moments. I adore your simple entry: just enjoyed a quiet day on my own. How priceless! Thank you so much for joining in and for letting us into your private happiness moments and it looks like you have had a good month. Really enjoyed your list…p.s: that pendant sounds awesome! N x


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