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Projects and Bringing new life to something no longer <3ed….

@ The Editors Desk.

In the process of doing a lamp makeover. You really have to love bargains on the local buy and sell pages. 2 lamps for 10.00 & a small bookcase for 15.00. Already had the fabric for the lamp make over. So pleased with that. Lamp makeover fairly easy apart from the fact i realised i haven’t got or can’t find the glue… Just had an idea to add a little bling to it, a quick and easy fix, and now i am itching to get my hands on some glue to finish it off.

Lamp before makeover. I hope to have it finished tomorrow.

The other makeover i have in mind is for all of my necklaces, i have a huge collection of them but no where to store them where they won’t get tangled, and have had an old pin board that i brought years ago but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. so need to cover it, and add hooks which jack brought today to it, and can then sit it up on the fireplace in my room.

Waiting for dinner to cook in the Slow Cooker, Lamb Shanks and Lemon Pepper Rice done in the microwave. Smells amazing.

Went shopping this morning and managed NOT to buy any scarves :). Did manage to buy a small bunch of flowers though, they really brighten things up.

Until next issue, Nicole

Click click snap snap

FMS: 2. Empty – Take a photo of anything empty; an empty room, glass, bottle, sky, beach, anything!

cy365: A toy


From the Pen

Kikki K Journalling Prompt: Do you volunteer? If so, what do you love about it? If not, what causes do you feel most passionately about? The cause i feel most passionately about is SIDS for Kids. My nephew passed away in 1999 from SIDS and 6 months later my niece also passed from Stillbirth.

Q&A: Should you trust your instincts? Yes, at the moment i am in mixed minds not about the “plan”, but if it will come together.

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