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Book of the week – Baking day

I found this book in the K-Mart Catalogue, and since we don’t have one anywhere near us there was no chance i would be getting it anytime soon.  That was until i realised that Jack was going to Kalgoorlie for work, so i requested another book, and this one.  Plus when they are advertising it for the price of $25.00 how can you pass that up.

Now i have STACK of Women’s Weekly Cookbooks, and a STACK of Baking ones too. All pretty and a couple very similar in style to this BUT it was the cover of this one that had me intrigued.. Crazy isn’t it, but my intuition was right because this book is a must have for any Baker | Person who loves to cook | Retro Fan. 
The dust jacket cover of the book is more beautiful in real life than it is in any photo. The word Baking, her neckline, sleeve and gorgeous heals are all in a velvet texture. And with a tagline like this you know its going to be good.
“A delicious mixture of nostalgic and modern recipes for cakes, biscuits and buns, along with retro kitchen craft”
The actual hard cover of it is also a delight to look at.
Backcover is so sweet, its a paper doily surrounded with kitchen utensils and sewing bits and bobs.
“Recreate the simpler times with these evocative retro baking recipes and vintage kitchen craft ideas. Whether you grew up on these classics or are discovering them for the first time, Baking Day is as charming to look at as it is to cook from”.
Contents of the book
With recipes throughout the book it all includes various craft projects listed below.
  • Introduction
  • Tea Time –  All About Tea | Tea Cosy  |Tea Towel Apron | Etiquette
  • Bread & Buns – Tea Towel
  • Filling The Tins – Oven Mitt | Cookie Jar
  • When Friends Drop By – Muffin Wrap
  • After School – Cutwork Paper Doily
  • Little Cakes – Milk Jug Cover
  • Celebration Cakes – Cake Stand | Canisters
The whole of the book is a delight with eye-catching photos, drawings and fonts, sprinkled generously with many great hints and tips. Think scrapbooker and grandma’s old recipe book all rolled into one, without you having to write all of the recipes down. I am sure that over the years this one is going to be a family favourite.  A must have cookbook.
heheh, i must be on the right track i just found the following the the Myer website
“Up until the mid 20th century, baking day was the day devoted to filling the cake and biscuit tins for the week ahead. This charming title captures the essence of those times with a collection of retro baking recipes and clever craft ideas for the home. How long is it since you’ve eaten a neenish tart, a butterfly cake, a cream bun or served afternoon tea on a tray complete with a pretty hand stitched tray cloth? All of the old fashioned recipes you remember from your childhood can be found in the pages of this book together with a sprinkling of lovely retro craft ideas.”
Myer online RRP $39.95
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